That one guy. You know the one.

Alright Tumblr, help me out here. Whilst I respect these women for going out and earning cash at race week, I do have to question it.

It’s not that these women are being sexualised, it’s that there’s no male equivalent to a grid girl. All the bogans approach these women and ask quite frankly creepy questions of them, would the same thing happen if there were grid guys were in the same position? Can it be seen as objectification? I’m personally not comfortable with the idea. If it’s fun and easy and pays well, I’ve got nothing to complain about. I’d just caution against using sexualised women to sell what essentially amounts to Super Cheap Auto gear/paraphernalia.



There are 6.5 million internally displaced in Syria, with the number globally climbing past 50 million + . A brutal sadistic organisation controls large swathes of Iraq and Syria killing thousands and plunging the West into another irretractable war. Ukraine and Russia are at loggerheads. The…

Well I guess we can say that things went South for the Bulldogs. 

So I got to play Smash Bros for about 8 hours or so today (thank god for the weekend).

I’ve unlocked all characters except for R.O.B and most of the stages are also unlocked too. I’m rubbish at the game otherwise, I’ve yet to attempt anything about intensity 6.5 because I’m afraid of what may lie ahead. I’m in love with the stages and every fighter I’ve played as works really well for the system. Hard to tell who my mains are, since I generally stick with what I’m good with but time will tell. 

I’m a bit of an uncreative person when it comes to Mii’s, so if you’re like me you should consider looking online and downloading some there. Your Mii Characters could be fun to fight in Smash!

I know this isn’t something I should joke about but…when dealing with democracy, I guess the people of Hong Kong have to put up with a lot of stuff. 

Geddit? Umbrella Revolution? Put up?

Only when writing an essay about the Australian Liberal Party would I include Tony Abbott as a credible source. His quote?
"Successful political parties don’t normally change what they stand for, but the way they express their convictions is always evolving and their policies should certainly change to reflect the changing circumstances that countries and their people face." 

Choose my Politics Essay!

Alright Tumblr, I gotta write about the Australian Liberal Party. I have three essay choices. Help me choose one (and if you know good places for me to research, feel free to include those too.)

1.) Is the Liberal Party a conservative party?
2.) What ideologies most influence the Liberal Party’s approach to policy? NB: Consider former PM Malcolm Fraser’s (liberal?) stance on the party.
3.) Does the Coalition represent the top end of town or country?